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  • VFNC3S2022PLW
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Model: VFNC3S2022PLW

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VFNC3S2022PLW2.2 kW [Üç faz motor gücü (230V)]Fiyat Sorunuz: 0212 320 36 50
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2.2kW/3 HP'a kadar tek faz ve 630kW/1000 Hp'a kadar üç fazlı modeller
Pompalar için özel fonksiyolar ve PID algoritması ile fan kontrolü
Aktif toprak kaçak koruması
EMC parazit giderici tüm versiyonlarda dahilidir.
Seçilebilir motor kontrol modu:V/f, vektör, enerji koruma
Seçilebilir dijital ve analog giriş ve çıkış fonksiyonları
IEC IP55 versiyon isteğe göre mevcuttur.
HVAC versiyon, IEC/EN 6100-3-12 standartları ile uyumlu, isteğe göre mevcuttur.

    PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 1PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 2 MOTOR CONTROL AND PROTECTION 0 M cir Head o!ce | Via Don E. Mazza, 12 24020 Gorle, Bergamo, Italy CONTROL AND SIGNALLING Tel. +39 035 4282111 0 Pu Fax +39 035 4282200 an info@LovatoElectric.com sw Sales department | Tel. +39 035 4282354 Fax +39 035 4282400 sales@LovatoElectric.com CIRCUIT PROTECTION AND ISOLATION 1 Sw Technical support and customer care | di Tel. +39 035 4282422 Fax +39 035 4282295 service@LovatoElectric.com AUTOMATION AND CONTROL 1 Ti ENERGY MANAGEMENT 2 M in an traPagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 3 I N D E X | 01 02 03 04 05 06 Motor protection Contactors Motor protection Electromechanical Soft starters Variable speed circuit breakers relays starters and drives enclosures 07 08 09 10 Pushbuttons Signal towers Limit, micro and Rotary cam and selector and beacons foot switches switches switches 11 12 13 14 15 16 Switch Fuse holders and Miniature and Surge protection Modular Earth leakage disconnectors fuses residual circuit devices contactors relays breakers 17 18 19 20 21 22 Time relays Protection relays Level controls Micro PLCs Switching Automatic power supplies battery chargers 23 24 25 26 27 28 Metering Power factor Automatic Engine and Software and Expansion instruments controllers and transfer switch generator applications modules and and current thyristor controllers controllers accessories transformers modules ON I 0 1 3 5 13(7) CN25.10 24V A1 1 3 5 13 (7) A2 2 4 6 14 (8) 50/60Hz 2 Modular contactor E L R E A H L A A T E G R A K E R1 1 1, 0, 0, 0, 2 0, 0, 0 2 , 2, R 0 0 0 ,0 , 0, I ( n A O TI t (s e c TEST RESET a r o e e tu s tx 1 txm r e e n sa I n x I , I n 1 x n 0 x F O IU T C N IS S N n E IT E C T A L a o r e e s u t m r e e s n a a o r e e s u t m r e e s n a a o r e e s u t m r e e s n a In x tx 1 tx In x tx 1 tx In x tx 1 tx In 1 x In 0 x , In 1 x In 0 x , In 1 x In 0 x , I n 0 ,x I n x I n 1 x MON RUN ENT STOP OFFPagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 4 N E W P R O D U C T S | 2 0 1 6 | 1 7 MOTOR PROTECTION CIRCUIT 40–80A CONTACTORS IN AC3 BREAKERS UP TO 100A Available versions with rotary actuator and push button The new contactors have a small footprint: 55mm for actuator, magnetic release for starters only and fuse the three-pole versions and 73mm for the four-pole control function. 45mm wide up to 40A rated current. versions. Rated thermal current (lth) from 70 to 115A, Accessories include front-mount and side-mount power terminals with double lug clamp and 4-terminal auxiliary contacts, trip signalling contacts, supply coil. Available with two types of coil, AC or AC/DC with connection busbars and a wide variety of enclosures. electronic control and wide supply voltage range (e.g. a single coil covers 100–250VAC/DC), low power consumption, only closes at correct supply voltage, with built- in noise lter. Also available in specic versions for DC load switching. 40–50kvar CONTACTORS FOR ADLX SERIES SOFT STARTERS POWER FACTOR CORRECTION Specic new contactors for controlling PFC capacitors This new series complements the soft starter range with are available with 40kvar, 45kvar or 50kvar ratings at two-phase control starters from 30 to 320A, featuring 400V and a very small footprint (55mm wide). integrated bypass and a very small The double lug clamp terminals enable easy connection footprint. Equipped with icon of cables even when multiple connections are required. display and NFC connectivity for easy and immediate conguration, they are suitable for simple applications thanks to the installation wizard, or for applications requiring maximum performance in terms of motor control and protection. Available in 400 and 600V versions. VLB SERIES VARIABLE SPEED SIGNAL TOWERS Ø45mm AND DRIVES MULTICOLOURED Ø70mm Three-phase power input 400–480VAC, power ratings The Ø45mm towers are supplied fully assembled with from 0.4kW to 30kW, small footprint with “book” format: the possibility of up to three light modules the VLB series is ideal for lifting and a sound module. Perfect for mounting systems and pump/fan on small machines, their high brightness management, owing to specic LED circuit ensures long-life illumination integrated features such as S-curve, and low power consumption. PID and quadratic torque control. The new Ø70mm multicoloured Programming, monitoring and light modules are supplied up to diagnostics from PC via USB or Wi-Fi. three dierent colours per model. A RS485 communication port with In the event of two or more integrated Modbus-RTU and alarms, the multicoloured module supplied EMC lter are al so standard lights up in alternating colours equipment. Modules are available to corresponding to the event. equip the drive with the most common eldbus systems, including PROFIBUS and CANopen.PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 5 PLATINUM SERIES NEW GX SERIES ROTARY COMPONENTS AND ACCESSORIES CAM SWITCHES The Platinum series also includes the following Our range of cam switches has been further expanded products: to include 20A AC1 ON/OFF switches with panel - continuous or pulse-tone monoblock buzzers mounting by means of a threaded ring (with Ø22mm - monoblock potentiometers drilled hole) and snap-on tting. Quick and easy - USB and RJ45 communication interfaces installation are the main benets of these switches. - monoblock LED pilot lights with IP66, IP67 or IP69K The switch is available with knob or key control. protection (Nema 4X) - adapter for DIN rail mounting - protective shrouds. SWITCH DISCONNECTORS FOR GA SERIES 160A SWITCH PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS DISCONNECTORS AND 48x48mm DOOR COUPLING HANDLE The switch disconnector range is further boosted by the introduction of compact versions (54mm wide) rated for GA series switch disconnectors are now available up to 40A at 1000VDC and 32A at 1200V in the category 160A AC21A. At 70mm wide, its small size enables it to DC21B. These switch disconnectors are supplied with a be tted inside electrical panels with limited space. handle for direct control and include bridges for Available in three-pole and four-pole versions and with connecting the poles in series. There are also versions IP65 plastic enclosure in 0-1 and 1-0-2 congurations. with IP65 plastic enclosure. The range of door coupling handles for GA series switch disconnectors now includes a version with 48x48mm front plate. UL489 MINIATURE CIRCUIT CLASS B RESIDUAL CURRENT BREAKERS (MCB) CIRCUIT BREAKERS MCBs compliant with the UL489 standard are ideal for In addition to tripping under the same conditions as for manufacturers of electrical machinery or appliances types AC and A, these RCCBs also trip due to high- destined for the North American market. They comply frequency leakage currents up to 1000Hz and direct with the IEC/EN60947-2 standard and can therefore be currents. They are particularly suitable in installations used in global markets. The range covers rated currents with variable speed drives, UPS systems and for electric from 1 to 63A and trip curves C and D. The operating vehicle charging stations. voltage for appliances up to 32A is 277V for the 1-pole versions and 480Y/277V for the 2-pole and 3-pole versions. Above 32A, the operating voltage becomes 120V for the 1-pole versions and 240V for the 2-pole and 3-pole versions.PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 6 N E W P R O D U C T S | 2 0 1 6 | 1 7 RESIDUAL CURRENT DEVICE MODULAR CONTACTORS AND ADD-ON BLOCKS SOCKETS A new line of residual current device add-on blocks Two new modular contactor models with 32A current connectable to miniature circuit breakers, available in 2, rating in two-pole or three/four-pole versions. 3 and 4-pole versions for 30 or 300mA residual currents. Considerable space saving (1 module for two-pole All models are type A for sinusoidal alternating currents versions and 2 modules for three/four-pole versions). and pulsating direct currents. Available in manually operated versions with Ith rated The rated current is 40A or 63A. current of 20 or 32A. Fast and functional MCB tting in compliance with The modular sockets provide a power source near to or IEC/EN60009-1 requirements. inside electrical panels. Suitable for 10/16A standard Schuko Italian or German plugs. Also compatible with standard French plugs without ground connection. FLOAT SWITCHES 48VDC SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES AND REDUNDANT MODULES Available in grey water and dirty water versions. All are Our range of switching power supplies has been equipped with internal changeover contact, which is extensively enhanced with 48VDC versions actuated based on liquid level. High quality 3x1 type (single-phase from 30 to 480W, two-phase 100W and 2 cables (3 wires of 1mm cross-section area) allow the three-phase from 240 to 960W) and redundant lling and emptying function to be selected when modules. The modules are used for redundant wiring the switch. Excellent mechanical and chemical connection of two or more power supplies, to increase resistance and rst-rate reliability. Available in versions the reliability of the DC power supply. with PVC or Neoprene cable in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15 The redundant modules ensure perfect isolation and 20m. The patented version for dirty water between the various connected power supplies. consists of two watertight chambers that are insulated from each other by closed-cell foam material, providing a further protective barrier against inltration and high thermal insulation. BCG SERIES AUTOMATIC ENERGY METERS COMMUNICATING BATTERY CHARGERS The new communicating version BCG battery chargers The range of DME energy meters for three-phase incorporate essential features for applications where the systems has been extended with three new models. charge state of the connected battery needs to be The CT-connection DME D330 and direct-connection constantly controlled. In the event of an AC power DME D301 up to 63A have an onboard RS485 port that failure, the battery chargers are able to maintain active allows them to be integrated into a network of power communication by drawing power from the battery, consumption monitoring instruments by means of thus ensuring constant supervision even in supervision software. emergencies. They are equipped with a RS485 serial The user interface of the DME D305 model features a c ommunication port backlight icon display for electrical measurements and and can be programmed scrolling text for describing wirelessly using NFC conguration parameters and technology. user-customizable alarm messages.PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 7 ATL SERIES AUTOMATIC TRANSFER CURRENT TRANSFORMERS SWITCH CONTROLLERS Our line of current transformers has been enhanced ATL 800 controls load switching between two sources, with new solid-core and split-core types. whereas ATL 900 can manage three power sources and The new solid-core transformers are available up to two tie breakers and is therefore ideal for advanced 3000A and are designated as precision transformers due applications. The current measuring inputs on ATL 900 to their 0.5S accuracy class. We have also extended our dene the switching threshold based on the absorbed split-core transformer oering with compact models power. The two models have a built-in RS485 port and and current ratings from 100A to 500A. can manage a third control device with tie-breaker or They are supplied pre-wired with a 1m cable. non-priority load management function. Closed- transition transfer switching . The integrated PLC logic enables the switching logics to be customized. Can also be programmed wirelessly using NFC technology. DUAL POWER SUPPLY MODULE GENERATING SET CONTROLLERS Automatic switching is now more reliable than ever RGK4... is a compact stand-alone controller featuring an thanks to the dual power supply module. The device has icon display with intuitive interface. The gen set can be two inputs (Line 1 and Line 2) and is able to verify the activated locally or by remote control. When the gen set applied voltages, identifying which one is more suitable is not in operation, the controller can be switched o for connecting to the module’s output. Ideal for without physically removing the battery power supply. supplying changeover switche disconnectors and RGK4... is also available with a three-position key for motorised circuit breakers. local or remote shutdown and starting. The two single-phase voltage inputs are independent, RGK 610 is an AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) controller insulated and each capable of supplying the internal that is expandable by means of EXP series modules. measuring circuit. Further checks are USB, RS232 or RS485 carried out on the output voltage, communication ports can be enabling the correct operation of incorporated by adding an the device to be veried. In the EXP expansion module. event of a fault, the red LED will light up and voltage will be no longer available at the output terminals. SOFTWARE and APP: SYNERGY GATEWAY AND 3G MODEM CLOUD, XPRESS and NFC The Synergy software is now available in the Cloud The Internet connectivity of LOVATO Electric products is version! Multi-channel connections, data collation in now enhanced by the availability of the RS485-Ethernet SQL database and multi-user access via Web browser to gateway (EXC CON 01) and 3G modem (EXC M3G 01). live pages or tables without having to install special These devices enable the RS485 network over which software. Easy monitoring of the main electrical LOVATO Electric products (such as a multimeter) are parameters of LOVATO Electric devices. The XPRESS connected to interface with a LAN and a software can be used to congure all recent 3G wireless network respectively. LOVATO Electric devices equipped with a This makes it possible to create a communication port, particularly using the connection with a CX 01 (USB) and CX 02 (Wi-Fi) dongles. software, app or The NFC app enables program capable of LOVATO Electric devices to collating the measured be programmed using data. smartphones and tablets by means of Android NFC technology. PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 8 I N T E R N A T I O N A L GERMANY | • P R E S E N C E | LOVATO Electric GmbH www.LovatoElectric.de The presence of LOVATO Electric in the major world markets is the result of its ITALY | • UK | • ongoing strategy of internationalisation. LOVATO Electric S.p.A. LOVATO Electric LTD LOVATO Electric Italy distributes its products www.LovatoElectric.com www.Lovato.co.uk worldwide to over 100 countries through its foreign subsidiaries and importer network. FRANCE | • LOVATO Electric SAS www.LovatoElectric.fr CANADA | • LOVATO Electric Corp. www.Lovato.ca USA | • LOVATO Electric Inc. www.LovatoUsa.com I M P O R T E R S 90 | F O R E I G N S U B S I D I A R I E S 13 |PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 9 • | POLAND C O U N T R I E S 100 | LOVATO Electric SP.Z O.O. www.LovatoElectric.pl • | CZECH REPUBLIC • | RUSSIA LOVATO Electric S.R.O. OOO LOVATO Electric www.LovatoElectric.cz www.LovatoElectric.ru • | ROMANIA CHINA | • LOVATO Electric SRL LOVATO Electric www.LovatoElectric.ro (SHANGHAI) CO LTD www.LovatoElectric.cn • | SPAIN • | TURKEY • | UNITED ARAB EMIRATES LOVATO Electric S.L.U. LOVATO Elektrik LTD LOVATO Electric ME FZE www.LovatoElectric.es www.LovatoElectric.com.tr www.LovatoElectric.aePagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 10 A L O N G T R A D I T I O N O F S T Y L E | We have been managing energy since 1922, to the present day, in which electronics and 1922 led by the same family for four generations, automation go hand in hand. from the early days of electrical engineering Italian design has always been our hallmark and an ever-present requirement in the daily work of our designers, researchers and engineering experts. Our company mission has always been the same: to create innovative and reliable products, oering services that exceed customer expectations. innovation and reliability Italian designPagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 11 T H E F O U N D A T I O N S O N W H I C H W E A R E B U I L T | Quality is a keyword in every market, especially The second issue is safety, a primary ours.That is why we have always made quality consideration in any workplace, which is why a top priority, such that in 1992 we were one we are certied to OHSAS 18001. OHSAS 18001 of the rst companies in Italy to certify our management system according to the ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 These days, quality is a broad concept that embraces many issues. We have identied two issues that are central to our business. The rst is environmental management and we have aligned our corresponding system with the ISO 14001 standard in order to protect and sustain the environment in which we live. ISO 14001 PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:44 Pagina 12 K E Y C O M P O N E N T S O F O U R S U C C E S S | Products that are designed for the most diverse Behind our products there is a solid, exible applications and installed all over the world and innovative organisation with cutting-edge need to meet high standards of reliability. production facilities, where robotics and automation ensure that we can consistently replicate the desired results. Our testing laboratory is authorised to issue ACAE/LOVAG certicates, accredited to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and qualied to conduct tests according to national and international standards. Our technical support service helps customers to select the right products and commission them, in addition to oering after -sales advice. LOVAG certied laboratory technical supportPagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:45 Pagina 13 C U T T I N G - E D G E L A B O R A T O R Y | MAIN TESTS PERFORMED: • Making and breaking capacities • Short-circuit with comparator system • Temperature rise • Thermal protection functionality • Verication of dielectric properties • Verication of terminals mechanical properties • Verication of IK code degree of protection (impact withstand) • Verication of IP code degree of protection (ingress protection against water jets) • Shock and vibration withstand • Electrical and mechanical durability • Low current-low voltage contact functionality • Ambient simulation in climatic chamber • Glow-wire ignitability of insulating parts • Immunity to conducted and radiated emission elds • Immunity to surges, fast transients / bursts and electrostatic discharges.PagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:45 Pagina 14 E X P E R I E N C E A N D E X P E R T I S E | To meet the growing demand for technical training of industrial automation and energy management professionals, LOVATO Electric provides a high-profile programme of courses through the LOVATO Academy. The curriculum includes courses on micro PLCs, energy management and motor starting and control technologies. energy management LOVATO AcademyPagineIniziali 00_GB_Layout 1 31/03/16 13:45 Pagina 15 A training area equipped with the latest LOVATO Academy offers free live seminars audiovisual technology and interactive that are streamed worldwide and simply free live training benches provides the perfect setting require an Internet connection to participate. for understanding the true potential of our There is even a LOVATO Electric channel on seminars products and software during both function YouTube, complete with video tutorials that programming and simulation phases. demonstrate how to configure and use our video tutorials Training is also available over the Internet: products by means of practical examples. interactive training benches
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