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      Mitsubishi Corporation Website For more details about Mitsubishi Corporation’s business, CSR and environmental activities, investor relations and career information, please visit our website. http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/global MC Library This page contains additional resources, including our corpo- rate profile video, an outline of our history, an overview of our social contribution activities and examples of company ads. http:/ /www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/mclibrarymmmm CONTENTS miTSubiShi COrpOra TiON 2015 iNTrODuCTiON 4 COrpOra TE phiLOSOphY / COrpOra TE hiSTOr Y NEW STra TEGiC DirECTiON 6 GLObaL NETWOrK 8 OrGaNiZa TiONaL STruCTurE 10 iNTrODuCTiON TO buSiNESS GrOupS buSiNESS SEr ViCE GrOup 11 GLObaL ENVirONENT aL & iNFraSTruCTurE buSiNESS GrOup 12 iNDuSTriaL FiNaNCE, LOGiSTiCS & DEVELOpmENT GrOup 14 Mitsubishi Corporation Website ENErGY buSiNESS GrOup 16 ET aLS GrOup 18 For more details about Mitsubishi Corporation’s business, CSR and environmental activities, investor relations and career ma ChiNEr Y GrOup 20 information, please visit our website. ChEmiCaLS GrOup 22 http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/global LiViNG ESSENTiaLS GrOup 24 CSr & ENVirONENT aL aFFairS 26 COrpOra TE GOVErNaNCE / 28 iNTErNaL CONTrOL SYSTE MC Library This page contains additional resources, including our corpo- rate profile video, an outline of our history, an overview of our COmpLiaNCE 29 social contribution activities and examples of company ads. http:/ /www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/mclibrary SuppLEENT maNa GEENT FiNaNCiaL hiGhLiGhTS priNCipaL SubSiDiari ES aND aFFiLiaTES 3 m mm iTSubiShi COrpOra TiON iNTrODuCTiON itsubishi Corporation (C) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, foods, and environmental business. MC’s current activities are expanding far beyond its traditional trading operations as its diverse business ranges from natural resources development to investment in retail business, infrastructure, financial products and manufacturing of industrial goods. With over 200 offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries worldwide and a network of over 600 group companies, MC employs a multinational workforce of over 65,000 people. COrpOra TE phiLOSOphY – ThrEE COrpOra TE priNCipLES The Three Corporate Principles were formulated in 1934, as the action guidelines COrpOra TE rESpONSibiLiTY TO SOCiETY of Mitsubishi Trading Company (Mitsubishi “Shoki Hoko” Shoji Kaisha), based on the teachings of Strive to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, Koyata Iwasaki, the fourth president of while contributing towards the preservation of the global Mitsubishi. environment. Although Mitsubishi Trading Company iNTEGriTY aND F airNESS ceased to exist as of 1947, the principles “Shoji Komei” were adopted as MC’s corporate philosophy, Maintain principles of transparency and openness, and this spirit lives on in the actions of conducting business with integrity and fairness. today’s management and employees. The Three Corporate principles also serve as the cornerstone of the management ethos of GLObaL uNDErST aNDiNG ThrOuGh buSiNESS the so-called Mitsubishi group of companies. “Ritsugyo Boeki” Active in many business fields and united by a Expand business, based on an all-encompassing global common history and philosophy, the Mitsubishi perspective. companies continue to grow through a strong spirit of friendly competition with one another. (The modern day interpretation of the Three Corporate Principles, as agreed on at the Mitsubishi Kinyokai meeting of the companies that constitute the so-called Mitsubishi group in January 2001.) 4 m mCOrpOra TE hiSTOr Y FOUNDATION TO 1970s In 1954 the new Mitsubishi Shoji was founded, and that same year was listed on both the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. In 1967, the company announced its first management plan. In 1968, the company committed to a large project in Brunei to develop LNG (liquefied natural gas). This was its first large-scale investment. Not content with mere trade-based activities, the company began expanding its development and investment-based businesses on a global scale, as evidenced by iron-ore and metallurgical coal projects in Australia and Canada, and salt field business in Mexico. In 1971, the company made “Mitsubishi Corporation” its official English name. THE 1980s MC needed to construct new systems to generate profits. The company began streamlining its established businesses and developing more efficient operations. In 1986 the company firmly entrenched a new policy, shifting its focus from operating transactions to profits. That same year a new management plan was drawn up. In 1989, MC was listed on the London Stock Exchange. THE 1990s In 1992, MC announced a new management policy, namely to reinvent the company as a “Sound, Global Enterprise.” MC began placing greater focus on its consolidated operations and increasing the value of its assets. More efforts were made to globalize the company’s operations and its people. In 1998, MC established “MC2000” which introduced a “Select & Focus” approach to business, strengthened strategic fields, and emphasized customer- oriented policies. The new plan was instrumental in shoring up the company’s foundations and paving the way to a prosperous future. INTO THE NEW MILLENNIUM In 2001, MC introduced “MC2003”, an aggressive new blueprint for growth, involving an expansion of the company’s value chains, a strengthening of its profitability, and focused strategies to create new businesses. In 2004, “INNOVATION 2007” was unveiled which sought to establish MC as a “New Industry Innovator,” with an aim to open up a new era and grow hand in hand with society. In 2007, MC newly established the Business Innovation Group and Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group. Then, in 2008, MC announced its management plan, “INNOVATION 2009.” In 2009, MC systematically reorganized the Business Innovation Group and established its Corporate Development Section. In April, 2010, MC reorganized and enhanced this section through the establishment of two new Groups, the Global Environment Business Development Group and Business Service Group. In July 2010, MC announced a new management plan, “Midterm Corporate Strategy 2012,” which sought to strengthen our management platform based on the diversification of business models. Our new corporate strategy, “New Strategic Direction – Charting a new path toward sustainable growth” was released in May 2013. 5mm NEW STra TEGiC DirECTiON CharTiNG a NEW pa Th TOWarD SuST aiNabLE GrOWTh Mitsubishi Corporation’s current management strategy, entitled “New Strategic Direction – Charting a new path toward sustainable growth,” was adopted in fiscal year 2013. In view of our evolving business models and operating environment, New Strategic Direction sets down basic management policy along with business and market strategies. It is designed to realize our long-term, “circa 2020” growth targets. Aspiring to double the size of our business by circa 2020 Our ViSiON New Strategic Direction reaffirms MC’s value as a company capable of “providing upside potential as well as stable earnings throughout business cycles by managing a portfolio diversified by business models, industries, markets and geography”. As we optimize our portfolio, we will strive to realize our growth vision and enhance our overall corporate value. GrOWTh EYEiNG 2020 resource Non-resource 0 0 Double attributable Double earnings equity production DOubLE LNG:7Mt et Coal :20t 180 billion buSiNESS Copper 250Kt yen : ×2 ×2 FYE 3/2013 Circa 2020 FYE 3/2013 Circa 2020 pOrTFOLiO ViSiON Select “Winning FYE 3/2013 Circa 2020 0 Businesses” through Number of Business 47 35 to 40 proactive reshaping OpTimaL Sub-Segments (BSS) of portfolio DiVErSiFiCa TiON Number of BSS 5 ?10 generating >20 billion & WiNNiNG Strengthen these 0 yen in net income Winning businesses buSiNESSES Number of BSS 50:50 resource to 0 generating 10-20 billion 1 10 to 15 Non-resource asset yen in net income ratio 6mmm buSiNESS STra TEGY & marKET STra TEGY Investing in growth while proactively reshaping our portfolio, with a strong focus on Asian markets. Devoting 100 billion yen (over a three-year period) to capture “Frontier Markets” under corporate initiatives (Corporate R&D). buSiNESS STra TEGY marKET STra TEGY Using Capital Efficiently Targeting asia Foods: build a grain sourcing 0 0 Deliver projects under execution network across the Americas and selectively develop core assets in our project pipeline 0 Mineral Resources & Oil and Gas Resources: Develop projects Refocus on productivity and cost, 0 eeting the resource and secure supply sources in asia, be it capital or operational, Growing Oceania, the Americas, Russia, and businesses considering the cyclical nature of West Africa; create an Asia-based the resource and energy industry Demand worldwide marketing hub for Raw Fertilizers: Develop fertilizer raw 0 aterials material resources that target markets across Asia 0 Proactively reshape portfolio in line with our long-term vision of creating multiple sizable “winning businesses”, and free up capital for Retail: Establish living essentials value 0 new investment opportunities Non- chain in Asian markets by building Deploy capital to most promising 0 Promote retail franchises with prominent resource opportunities in selected industries/ multi- partners business sector localization 0 Automotive: Strengthen Thai and Pursue investment opportunities 0 in asian indonesian operations and replicate in automotive, foods, retail, their business models in neighboring power generation, life sciences, markets asian countries downstream shale gas and asset management sectors STra TEGiC DirECTiON Maximizing sustainable corporate value with a diversified selected portfolio Create sustainable corporate value through business activities – Strive to further 0 improve our societal and environmental value through consolidated and global initiatives priNCipLES 0 Strengthen “winning businesses” through proactive reshaping of our portfolio in order to finish ahead of the global competition Maintain average investment rate of the last three years (2.0-2.5 trillion yen) in 0 order to improve our earnings base iNVESTENT pOLiCY Accelerate divestments selectively and free up capital for new investments 0 Increase focus on financial discipline, such as by funding investments within our 0 own cash flow, assuming a base earnings level of 350 billion yen per annum FiNaNCiaL DiSCipLiNE 0 Deliver a medium- to long-term return on equity of 12-15% Provide a stable dividend by introducing a two-staged policy with base and 0 variable portions DiViDEND pOLiCY Set base dividend according to a base earnings level of 350 billion yen per annum 0 7GLOBAL NETWORK (AS OF JULY 1, 2015) Including offices in Japan, MC has more than 200 offices and subsidiaries, and develops business in collaboration with over 600 group companies in approximately 90 countries around the world. Middle East & Central Asia North America East Asia Europe & Africa Japan Head Office Asia & Oceania Latin America Head Office: Tokyo ? ? Number of offices in Japan: 29 (including 18 annex offices) Number of offices and ? subsidiaries overseas: 192 (including 34 project offices) MC’s Regional CEOs *Locations of offices and subsidiaries are marked. (excluding project offices and annex offices in Japan) LOCATION OF MC OPERATIONS La Paz Prague Kolkata Brisbane Japan North America Middle East & East Asia In times of global economic uncertainty, it is essential that we stay apprised ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Central Asia Sapporo New York Bogotá Stockholm ? Ulaanbaatar Chennai Mount Waverley of the latest and most accurate information, conduct the necessary risk Istanbul Sendai San Francisco Santiago Warsaw Beijing Colombo Auckland management, and take prompt measures to capture growth opportunities. Ankara Nagoya Seattle Caracas Bucharest Chengdu Dhaka Seoul The bedrock of these initiatives is our global network, which consists of more Baku Niigata Silicon Valley Puerto Ordaz Belgrade Guangzhou Yangon Kwangyang than 200 offices and subsidiaries, over 600 group companies in approximately Ashgabat Toyama Los Angeles Asunción Athens Shenzhen Nay Pyi Taw Pohang 90 countries around the world. Tashkent Shizuoka Houston Buenos Aires Sofia Wuhan Bangkok Astana The Heads of MC Offices & Subsidiaries represent the MC Group in Osaka Washington, D.C. São Paulo Moscow Tianjin Haadyai Almaty Takamatsu Dallas Rio de Janeiro Vladivostok Xiamen Kuala Lumpur countries and regions designated by our President and CEO. Their role is to Dubai Hiroshima Pittsburgh Belo Horizonte Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Nanjing Bintulu provide frontlines intelligence and support the MC Group’s activities. Cairo Fukuoka Boston Santos Kiev Qingdao Singapore Our global operational structure comprises Japan and six key overseas Tel Aviv Naha Tucson Johannesburg Shanghai Phnom Penh regions: North America; Latin America; Europe & Africa; Middle East & Central Ramallah Europe & Africa Vancouver ? ? Dakar Dalian Vientiane Asia; East Asia; and Asia & Oceania. Each has been assigned a Regional London Amman Toronto Casablanca Shenyang Hanoi CEO, who oversees the region’s subsidiaries and affiliates, devises solutions to Madrid Riyadh Victoria Abidjan Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City Paris Jeddah problems commonly faced in the region, identifies new business opportunities, Mexico City Algiers Taipei Jakarta Brussels Al Khobar Querétaro Lagos Surabaya and optimizes operations on a consolidated basis. Amsterdam Basra Asia & Oceania Tunis ? ? Bandar Seri Begawan Through careful allocation of their expertise and resources, the Regional Düsseldorf Doha Karachi Latin America ? ? Maputo Manila CEOs, along with the Heads of MC Offices & Subsidiaries and the group Guatemala City Frankfurt Abu Dhabi Islamabad Nairobi Noumea companies, are responding to the unique circumstances and needs in each part Panama City Berlin Muscat Lahore Addis Ababa Melbourne of the world. They continue to work together to create “sustainable corporate Quito Milan Kuwait New Delhi Dar es Salaam Sydney value” for the MC Group. Lima Oslo Tehran Mumbai Perth 8 9OrGaNiZa TiONaL STruCTurE (aS OF apriL 1, 2015) Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group CEO Office Global Environmental & Infrastructure Global Environmental & Business Group Administration Dept. Infrastructure Business Environmental Business Div. Group New Energy & Power Generation Div. Infrastructure Business Div. General Meeting Of Shareholders industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group CEO Office Corporate Corporate Auditors’ industrial Finance, Logistics & auditors Office Industrial Finance, Development Group Administration Dept. Logistics & Asset Management Business Div. Board of Development Group Industrial Finance Div. Corporate auditors Real Estate Development & Construction Div. Governance & Logistics Div. Compensation Committee Board of Directors international Energy Business Group CEO Office advisory Committee Energy Business Group Administration Dept. E&P Business Div. Energy Business Group Natural Gas Business Div. Internal Audit Dept. Petroleum Business Div. Corporate Strategy & Carbon & LPG Business Div. Planning Dept. president and Chief Executive Officer Metals Group CEO Office Executive Corporate Staff Metals Group Administration Dept. Committee Section Metals Group Steel Business Div. Mineral Resources Trading Div. Mineral Resources Investment Div. Corporate Communications Dept. Corporate Administration Dept. business Strategy CSR & Environmental Committee Affairs Dept. Machinery Group CEO Office Market Strategy Legal Dept. Machinery Group Administration Dept. Committee Global Human Industrial Machinery Business Div. Compliance Committee Resources Dept. Machinery Group Ship & Aerospace Div. CSR & Environmental Global Strategy & Affairs Committee Motor Vehicle Business Div. Business Development Dept. Human Resources Global Relations Dept. Isuzu Business Div. Development Committee International Economic Disclosure Committee Cooperation Dept. Logistics Management Dept. Corporate Accounting Dept. Chemicals Group CEO Office Risk Management Dept. Chemicals Group Administration Dept. Finance Dept. Market Strategy Phoenix Dept. Structured Finance, Chief Compliance Officer M&A Advisory Dept. Saudi Petrochemical Project Dept. Chemicals Group SEVp, CSr & Investor Relations Dept. Commodity Chemicals Div. A Environmental Affairs Commodity Chemicals Div. B Chief Information Officer Functional Chemicals Div. Business Service Life Sciences Div. Group business Service Living Essentials Group CEO Office Group CEO Office Living Essentials Group Administration Dept. IT Service Business Div. IT Planning Dept. Global Consumer Business Div. Living Essentials Group Retail Div. Living Essential Products Div. Living Essential Resources Div. *Organizational Structure of the head office 10buSiNESS SEr ViCE GrOup The Business Service Group undertakes the roles of providing a growing need for IT on a global basis. The Business Service IT functions required for the MC Group’s and our clients’ Group will develop and provide IT services boasting global business as well as making investments and handling other responsiveness and competitiveness through ties with business matters for this purpose. partners in Japan and overseas. We will also contribute to IT has become an essential tool for all types of business continuously raising the enterprise value of the MC Group and following environmental changes such as advances in the clients and business expansion by helping to promote the use digital society and business diversification, which has prompted of IT in business. buSiNESS SEr ViCE GrOup buSiNESS In order to help solve issues faced by client companies, improve business processes and raise corporate value, the IT Service Business Division provides integrated IT services ranging from consulting to system development and operation, and outsourcing. We provide these services through business investments such as Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd., "A Tata Consultancy Services and MC Joint Venture" and SIGMAXYZ Inc., or with the cooperation of business partners. We also work to expand and strengthen new IT-related businesses by supporting the introduction and deployment of advanced information technologies and uses for such technologies. iT Service business ? Promotion of SI business and IT outsourcing business Division Promotion of consulting business and BPO business ? ? Support for businesses through advanced technologies and prior application experience ? Support for Asian market and retail business ? Promotion of collaboration and partnership with Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) Cloud Computing Services for the Tata Consultancy Services Japan State-of-the-Art Mitaka Data Center Construction Industry Established Pooling MC’s customer relations expertise The Mitaka Data Center located in the MC has established a new company, MC with the international successes of Mitaka City of Tokyo, is equipped with the Data Plus Inc., and has transferred its India’s Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), latest anti-seismic base isolation structure and cloud based application services business TCS Japan’s comprehensive IT services the first complete outside air cooling system for the construction industry to this new provide robust support for innovation and in the urban area. Based on high-quality subsidiary. The new company will expand globalization at client companies. data center services for many years, MC will and strengthen its cloud computing continue to provide valuable iT outsourcing services business and also develop big services with careful attention to disaster Data application services. control, environmental friendliness and robust security. MC Data Plus big Data application Services IT Planning Department The IT Planning Dept. is responsible for MC’s companywide IT measures such as IT systems and infrastructure, covering strategies and planning, as well as investments and cost management. The business needs of the MC Group are becoming increasingly diverse and more globalized, and IT technology is ever advancing. Always quickly responding to these changes, the IT Planning Dept. not only deploys MC’s companywide IT measures on a consolidated basis, but also proposes and promotes IT internal control and information security measures. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 1 Development Division (2 Departments) /1 Department Business Service Group CEO Office ¦ IT Service Business Division IT Service Business Planning Department, IT Service Business Development Department IT Planning Department 11m GLObaL ENVirONENT aL & iNFra STruCTurE buSi NESS Gr Oup The Global Environment & Infrastructure Business Development businesses. We are also involved in manufacture of lithium-ion Group, which was established as a group directly under batteries, an essential component for today’s environmentally the president, was reorganized into a business group on friendly vehicles and electricity storage. July 1, 2013, when it became the Global Environmental & Our aims are to foster the growth of stable, long-term Infrastructure Business Group composed of three divisions: earnings drivers and raise our corporate value, while at the Environmental Business Division, New Energy & Power same time working towards the realization of a sustainable Generation Division, Infrastructure Business Division. society, with full consideration for the natural environment. This group mainly handles trade and related business Ours is a long-term approach, and we remain committed to operations in power generation, water, transportation, and developing mechanisms, technologies and systems in business other necessary infrastructure that have a direct impact on our and related transactions, as well as developing business quality of life. We are active in a number of areas that help domains, in fields that have high levels of public interest and to combat global warming and secure sustainable supplies of growth potential, and that will enable more people to live on energy, such as our renewable and next-generation energy fewer resources. GLObaL ENVirONENT aL & iNFraSTruCTurE buSiNESS GrOup buSiNESS Environmental ? Lithium-Ion Batteries business Division ? New Environmental Business Development and Management Engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of lithium ion batteries, a key component for environmentally friendly electric vehicles. ? Power Generation in Japan and Overseas New Energy ? Onsite (Inside-the-Fence) Power Generation & Power ? Overseas Power Transmission Generation ? Export of Power Generation and Transmission Division Equipment MC has a 20% investment in Star Energy Geothermal Pte Ltd. that owns the 230 MW Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia, one of the world’s largest geothermal power plants. ? Water business ? Railway, Port, and Airport Business Infrastructure ? Petroleum, Gas, and Petrochemical Plant Equipment, FPSO Chartering business Division ? Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, and Cement Plant Equipment MC-JALUX Airport Services Co., Ltd., 45.5% MC owned, holds a 30-year concession to operate mandalay International Airport in Myanmar from April 2015. 12 mThe Port of Valencia, where MC has invested in a container terminal, is one of the largest container ports in the Mediterranean and one of the world’s most important transshipment hubs. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 3 Development Divisions (12 Departments) Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group CEO Office, Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group Administration Department Environmental Business Division Environmental Energy Business Department, Environment Business, R&D Department ¦ New Energy & Power Generation Division EMEA Power Generation Business Department, Americas Power Business Department, Asia & ¦ Oceania Power Business Department, Power Systems Department A, Power Systems Department B, Power Systems International Department Infrastructure Business Division Water Business Department, Transportation Infrastructure Business Department, Engineering Business ¦ Department, Plant Projects Department 13iNDuSTriaL Fi NaNCE, LOGiSTiCS & DEVELOpmENT G rO up The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group focuses on developing industrial finance business, targeting real assets where the group can leverage its expertise and networks as a global integrated business enterprise. By utilizing its various functions such as project development and asset management, the group is supplying capital to industries and offering investment opportunities for investors. Specifically, the group is providing comprehensive finance services in certain domains that are unique from those offered by financial institutions. These include asset management, infrastructure related financing, private equity financing, and leasing. In addition, the group is providing solutions in construction and real estate development concentrating mainly on commercial facilities and urban development, condominium development, and logistics. C is currently developing its private aviation services business on a global scale, including its wholly-owned aircraft leasing subsidiary, MC Aviation Partners. 14 miNDuSTriaL FiNaNCE, LOGiSTiCS & DEVELOpmENT GrOup buSiNESS ? Asset management for real estate investment funds and related finance business asset ? Private equity investment management Management business business Division ? Asset management business for other real assets GYRE, a high-end retail complex owned by Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation managed by an MC subsidiary. ? Infrastructure related finance business ? General leasing business in Japan and industrial Finance overseas including auto leasing Division ? Airline-related business including aircraft leasing and aircraft engine leasing MC Aviation Partners is developing a comprehensive aircraft leasing business, and has offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dublin. (CG image) real Estate ? Commercial real estate development Development ? Large-scale urban real estate development & Construction ? Construction Management Division This student housing in the U.S. was developed by Diamond Realty Investments, Inc. ? International intermodal transport ? Bulk carrier ownership and operations Logistics Division ? Solutions business for the logistics sector ? Logistics consulting Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.’s Keihin Operations Dept in Yokohama, Japan. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 4 Divisions (12 Departments) Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group CEO Office, Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group Administration Department Asset Management Business Division Real Estate Asset Management Business Department, Asset Management Business Development ¦ Department, Merchant Banking Department Industrial Finance Division Infrastructure Finance Department, Lease & Finance ¦ Department, Aviation Business Department Real Estate Development & Construction Division Commercial Real Estate Development ¦ Department, China Real Estate Development Department, Urban Development Department Logistics Division Logistics business ¦ Department, Dry Bulk Business Department, Logistics Business Development Department 15m ENErGY buSiNESS GrOup The Energy Business Group contributes to the development of upstream to downstream in the energy value chain. We industry and helps to improve the quality of people's lives. We explore for, develop and produce oil and gas, and have handle energy in liquid, gas, and solid states, which provide investments in LNG projects. We import and trade trilaterally, consumers with light, heat and power. Our expansive energy and we have interests in domestic trading and retail businesses. portfolio includes liquefied natural gas (LNG), crude oil, Our group is taking measures to use energy more effectively petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petroleum and at the same time protect the natural environment. We are coke, coal coke and carbon products. proactively working on new energy businesses such as gas-to- Our business model seeks to cover areas randing from liquid (GTL) and bio fuels are cases in point. maiN OVErSEaS prOJECTS OF ThE ENErGY buSiNESS GrOup Canada UK North Sea Shale Gas Development/Production Development Project (Crude oil) LNG Canada Iraq Sakhalin LNG Production (Crude oil) Cameron LNG Iraq SGU Qalhat LNG US Gulf of Mexico Development/Production Côte d'Ivoire (Crude oil) Exploration Myanmar Oman LNG (Crude oil/Natural gas) Production (Crude oil/Natural gas) Gabon Exploration/Development/Production Venezuela (Crude oil) Development of Brunei LNG Orinoco heavy oil Malaysia LNG Browse LNG Donggi-Senoro LNG (Crude oil) Angola Wheatstone LNG Development/Production Investment in MEDCO Tangguh LNG (Crude oil) North West Shelf LNG Kimberley Kangean Papua New Guinea Exploration Development/Production Exploration/Development (Crude oil/Natural gas) (Crude oil/Natural gas) (Natural gas) LNG VaLuE ChaiN host Country Upstream Liquefaction Plant Logistics Marketing brunei alaysia Exploration, australia Transportation by Japan and Development LNG production russia LNG Vessels Global Market indonesia & production Oman, etc. Petroleum and Oil Products Stored at Onahama Inside an anode baking plant of MC Zhenjiang Anode Natural gas development and production site in the Petroleum Co. in Fukushima, Japan. Solutions Co., Ltd., a manufacturing joint venture situated Kangean Blocks, located offshore East Java, Indonesia. in Jiangsu province, China. 16 Cameron LNG Project (Illustration) Against the backdrop of North America’s shale gas revolution, MC is seeking to draw on the region’s rich reserves to make LNG exports from the US a reality. MC’s portion of the LNG produced at the Cameron LNG liquefaction facility (4 million tons per annum) will be sold to consumers mainly in Japan at prices linked to US natural gas prices. The project is ENErGY buSiNESS GrOup expected to start commercial production in 2018. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 4 Divisions (22 Departments) Energy Business Group CEO Office, Energy Business Group Administration Department E&P Business Division Asia E&P Business Department, Europe & Africa E&P Business Department, Americas & Oceania E&P Business ¦ Department Natural Gas Business Division Brunei Natural Gas Business Department, Malaysia Natural Gas Business Department, ¦ Australia Natural Gas Business Department, Indonesia Natural Gas Business Department, Middle East Natural Gas Business Department, Russia Natural Gas Business Department, Americas Natural Gas Business Department, Shale Gas Business Department, LNG Operation & Trading Department Petroleum Business Division Crude Oil Department, Petroleum Products Department, Industrial Petroleum ¦ Marketing Department, Utility Feedstock Department, Petroleum Feedstock Department Carbon & LPG Business Division Carbon ¦ Materials Department, Petroleum Coke Department, Aluminium-Related Carbon Materials Department, Specialty Carbon & Graphite Business Department, LPG Business Department 17bma (australia) produces about 60 million tons of coking coal per year, and is the world’s largest coking coal producer, handling approximately 25% of the global seaborne trade by volume. mET aLS GrOup In the Metals Group, we handle a wide range of commodities in steel products, ferrous raw materials and non-ferrous metals. By providing global markets with stable, sustainable supplies of high-quality raw materials and products, we are helping to create more affluent societies around the world. As far as our investments are concerned, we are active in metals raw materials, including coking coal, thermal coal, iron ore, copper, nickel and chrome. As the world economy continues to grow, future demand is expected to be quite robust for coking coal in particular. With respect to trade, we are leveraging high-quality services and functions to strengthen our supply structure, including raw materials and intermediary products. Our subsidiary Metal One handles our steel products trade, while Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International and Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan handle our ferrous raw materials and non-ferrous metals trade. The latter two companies were established in April 2013. By accurately assessing customer needs in each industry, we aim to develop our group’s businesses further and respond even better to global markets. In doing so, we hope to maximize our profits and business value. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 3 Divisions (7 Departments, 3 Offices) Metals Group CEO Office, Metals Group Administration Department Steel Business Division Metal One Department, Auto Components Department ¦ Mineral Resources Trading Division RtM office, Triland Business office ¦ Mineral Resources Investment Division Iron Ore Department, MDP Department, Base Metals Department, Aluminum Department, ¦ Hernic Department, Rare Metals Development office 18mm Ferrous Raw Materials Non-Ferrous Raw Materials & Steel Products & Products DEVELOpmENTS iN ThE ET aL rESOurCE FiELD Coal Copper PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Iron ore Aluminum Existing project Nickel, Chrome Uranium Project in exploration / under development JCU West McArthur (Japan Canada Uranium) (Canada) AREVA Mongol (Canada) (Mongolia) Marathon IOC (Canada) (Canada) PACIFIC METALS CO., LTD. Furuya Metal (Japan) (Japan) Weda Bay Albras (Indonesia) Antamina (Brazil) (Peru) Gresik BMA (Indonesia) Mozal Kintyre (Australia) Quellaveco (Mozambique) (Australia) Boyne (Peru) Crosslands Resources Escondida (Australia) (Australia) (Chile) Ulan Oakajee Port & Rail Los Pelambres Hernic Ferrochrome CMP (Chile) (Australia) (Australia) (Chile) (South Africa) Clermont Warkworth/Coal & Allied Anglo American Sur S.A. CAP (Chile) (Australia) (Australia) (Los Bronces, etc) (Chile) AREVA Resources Australia (Australia) ET aLS GrOup V aLuE ChaiN Resources Investment Trading (Processing, Distribution & Marketing etc.) Production Processing, Raw Materials Procurement Production End Users Distribution & Marketing Coking Coal Thermal Coal Iron ore Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Steel Sheets & Plates Metal One Shipbuilders Isuzu Corporation Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Specialty Steel & Wire BMA (Coking Coal) IOC (Iron Ore) etc. Tamatsukuri Corporation CANTAK Oil & Gas CMP (Iron Ore) MC TUBULAR PRODUCTS Scrap Steel Power Warkworth (Thermal Coal) Steel Mills SUS-TECH CORPORATION Metal One Clermont (Thermal Coal) etc. Coilplus MSAT ISTW IWWI etc. EAF Mills Construction Mitsui Bussan Resources & Structural Steel Corporation Auto Components Manufacturers Automobile DMET, Hirotec Australia Machinery Home Appliance Bullion Copper Aluminum PGM Non-Ferrous Products Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Nickel & Chrome etc. Can Stainless Products etc. Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Anglo American Sur (Copper) Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Makers of Copper Cable TATA TOYO RADIATOR Escondida (Copper) & Copper Alloy Wire Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan T.RAD Czech s.r.o Los Pelambres (Copper) Beverage & Other Products Triland Metals Qingdao Toyo Heat Exchanger Antamina (Copper) Mozal (Aluminum) Rolling Mills & Foundries Jewelry Toyo Radiator Zhongshan etc. Boyne (Aluminum) Marathon (PGM) Precious Metal Processeors Hernic (Chrome) etc. Smelter etc. metal One Corporation has a sales mitsubishi Corporation rtm i nternational Efforts are underway to expand production The Escondida mine in Chile produces more network of more than 140 offices in Japan Pte. Ltd., an integrated subsidiary in at BMA (a coal mining joint venture than 1 million tons of copper each year. and countries around the world, providing metals resource trading, was established in between Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd It is the world’s largest copper mine, with comprehensive services, including storage, Singapore in April 2013. and BHP Billiton Ltd) in Australia. BMA reserves for at least another 50 years of steel processing and delivery management. has a good reputation for highly efficient operation. production. 19 mmm a ChiNEr Y GrOup The Machinery Group handles a wide range of machinery and partners, we are responding to changes in the business in four key domains: industrial machinery, shipping, defense environment and developing our operations all over the world. and aerospace, and motor vehicles. We handle machine tools, We continue to strengthen our existing operations as we agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, forge longer value chains spanning sales to finance, distribution elevators and escalators, ships, aerospace-related equipment, and our extensive business investments; but at the same time, automobiles, and other businesses. we are looking to create the kinds of new businesses that will Leveraging our expertise and extensive global networks develop into future earnings pillars for MC. in these fields, connecting us with customers, manufacturers, ma ChiNEr Y GrOup buSiNESS ? Sales and maintenance business for elevators and escalator industrial ? Sales of machine tools, agricultural machinery, achinery construction equipment and mining equipment business Division ? Rental of machinery mC conducts rental services and sales centered on construction and industrial machinery through rental services provider Nikken Corporation. ? Transactions in ships, special ships related to offshore oil and gas exploration, FPSOs/ FSOs, marine equipment, etc.; finance; ship Ship & aerospace owning and management business With C also having an equity interest, this state-of-the-art Division “Sayaendo” type LNG carrier ? Sales of defence-related equipment joined the fleet in 2014. (photograph supplied by itsubishi ? Data processing and sales of satellite imagery Heavy Industries, Ltd.) (above) High Resolution Imagery Satellite, GeoEye-1 (right) ©DigitalGlobe, Inc. ©DigitalGlobe, Inc. ? Overseas local production and sales business ? Overseas automobile finance, after-sales otor Vehicle service and other related business business Division ? Automobile exports (built-up vehicles, assembly and spare parts) Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting environmentally friendly electric vehicles such as the Outlander PHEV. ? Overseas local production and sales business ? Overseas automobile finance, after-sales Isuzu Business service and other related business Division ? Automobile exports (built-up vehicles, assembly and spare parts) The ISUZU D-MAX pick-up truck, one of the core products of our motor-vehicle business in Thailand. 20 m mm Ship business The Machinery Group is forging an extensive value chain that covers ownership and operation of ships and special ships related to offshore oil and gas exploration, as well as financing, trading, and other businesses. Our group a ChiNEr Y GrOup is working hard to globalize its shiprelated operations. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 4 Divisions (13 Departments, 1 Office) Machinery Group CEO Office, Machinery Group Administration Department, Machinery Group Business Development Office Industrial Machinery Business Division Elevator & Escalator Operation & Marketing Department, Industrial Equipment Business ¦ Department, Construction Equipment & Rental Business Department Ship & Aerospace Division Commercial Vessel Department, Offshore ¦ and Gas Carrier Department, Defense and Aerospace Department Motor Vehicle Business Division otor Vehicle asean & South ¦ West Asia Department, Motor Vehicle North Asia Department, Motor Vehicle Europe, Middle East & Africa Department, Motor Vehicle Americas & Australia Department Isuzu Business Division Isuzu ASEAN Department, Isuzu Europe, Middle East, Americas & Oceania Department, ¦ Isuzu Asia Department 21 metanol de Oriente, METOR, S.A. (METOR) etanol de Oriente, ETOr, S.A. (METOR) was established in m arch 1992 as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, Petroquimica De Venezuela S.A.(PEQUIVEN), ChEmiCaLS GrOup Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company and others. METOR produces methanol from inexpensive natural gas, which it primarily sells to The Chemicals Group is active in three business segments: Commodity Europe and America. Chemicals such as petrochemicals, industrial salts and fertilizers; Functional Chemicals, including plastics and functional products such as urethane, synthetic rubber and coating raw materials; and Life Sciences, which covers our food science, pharmaceutical and agrochemical businesses. Principal markets cover numerous industries, including petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, energy, automobiles, construction, paint and adhesives, electrical products and electronics, semi-conductors, communications equipment, textiles, apparel, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, agriculture and livestock, food and foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, and distribution. By offering a wide array of products and services in so many industries, we are helping people to enjoy a better quality of life. Many consumer-related fields such as clothing, food and housing are associated with the chemicals industry. Our business group leverages the unique attributes of this industry and provides the most pertinent and up-to- date information to MC and our consumers. In doing so, we continue to add new links to our global value chain. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 4 Divisions (16 Departments) Chemicals Group CEO Office, Chemicals Group Administration Department, Phoenix Department, Saudi Petrochemical Project Department ¦ Commodity Chemicals Division A Olefins & Aromatics Department, Petrochemical Intermediates Department, Polyester Department, Chlor-Alkali Department ¦ Commodity Chemicals Division B Methanol Department, Ammonia Department, Fertilizer Department, Inorganic Chemicals Department ¦ Functional Chemicals Division Plastics Department, PVC Department, Functional Materials Department, Specialty Chemicals Department ¦ Life Sciences Division Bio- Fine Chemicals Department, Life Science Products Department 22 m m m MAIN OVERSEAS SUBSIDIARIES (MANUFACTURERS) Commodity Chemicals Div.A/B Functional Chemicals Div./Life Sciences Div. FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies UK Limited (UK) Contracted manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals Liling Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China) Contracted manufacturing of FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc. Tri-Pack Films Ltd. agrochemical intermediates (USA) (Pakistan) and active ingredients DECCAN Contracted manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals Film production (India) Contracted manufacturing of THAI CHEMICAL DM Color Rimtec Corporation (Thailand) agrochemical intermediates (Mexico) (USA) Manufacturing of plasticizers and active ingredients Manufacture and sale of Manufacture of TOSOH HELLAS and adhesives plastic compounds (Greece) PVC compounds Battery resources Metanol de Oriente, METOR, S.A. (Venezuela) MC-Towa International Sweeteners Co., Ltd. Eastern Petrochemical Company CASTELLO Methanol production (Thailand) (SHARQ) (Spain) Maltitol production business Exportadora de Sal, S.A. de C.V. (Saudi Arabia) Production of tartrates (Mexico) Petrochemicals Salt production Fermentech Indonesia (Indonesia) Petronas Chemicals Aromatics Sdn. Bhd. Production of nucleic acid (PC AROMATICS) and curdlan (Malaysia) Basic petrochemicals business FOSFATOS DEL PACIFICO (Peru) Phosphoric ore extraction/ PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo production of diatomaceous soil and bricks (Indonesia) Sorbitol production CHEMICALS GROUP VALUE CHAIN AND SUBSIDIARIES & AFFILIATES Manufacturing Company Sales Company Product Materials markets Commodity Chemicals Div.A Functional Chemicals Div. Marine Packaging Resources Industrial Salt ESSA PVC Raw Materials Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Synthetic Resin Products Materials Mitsubishi Corporation Plastics KIBIKASEI RIMTEC TRI PACK Chuo Kagaku DM Color Interior materials Polyester Fiber Crude Naphtha Ethylene Paraxylene PC AROMATICS for construction PET Resin Oil Synthetic Rubber / Functional Resins Benzene Coating & adhesives Coatings & Ethylene Glycol Xylene SHARQ Mitsubishi Shoji Chemical adhesives Polyethylene Resin THAI CHEMICAL SHARQ Automobiles Natural Home Electronics Semiconductor Chemicals Raw materials for batteries Gas Methanol METOR IT Communications Polishing Materials, Whetstones Industrial Resins TOSOH HELLAS Ammonia Cosmetics & detergents Phosphate Ore FOSFATOS Chemical & Compound Fertilizers Mine Fertilizers Resources Mitsubishi Shoji Agri-Service Sweeteners, medical foods, yeast extract, seasonings Maltitol, sorbitol Potassium Chloride MC Ferticom Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech MC Food Specialties (sweeteners) Textiles KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. MTIS STBC Ethanol Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients Tartaric acid agricultural Liling Fine Chemicals DECCAN Commodity Chemicals Div.B CASTELLO Food products Bio-pharmaceuticals FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Plants Life Sciences Div. Resources SHARQ’s production capacity is among the Petronas Chemicals Aromatics Sdn. Bhd. Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd. is the only Japanese One of Japan’s leading food science largest in the world for a single plant, with is a joint venture between Japanese and plastic food packaging and container companies, MC Food Specialties Inc., capacities of 2,050,000 tons per year for Malaysian companies that is capable of manufacturer to has five manufacturing provides high-quality seasonings and food ethylene glycol and 1,550,000 tons per producing 540,000 tons of paraxylene bases in China, and is expanding business ingredients. year for polyethylene. and 200,000 tons of benzene per year. in the country from these sites. 23LiViNG ESSENTiaLS GrOup The Living Essentials Group operates businesses in fields to the downstream retail market. We make a contribution to including distribution, retail and restaurants, providing society by providing products and services that match the consumers with products such as foods, clothing, daily consumer needs of consumers through offices and affiliates in Japan necessities and medical goods. Our strength as a group is and overseas. In addition, we support diverse and full lives for that we conduct business operations that take entire industries consumers and place a strong emphasis on the reliability and into consideration, from the upstream sourcing of resources safety of the products and services we provide. LiViNG ESSENTiaLS GrOup buSiNESS ? Planning, execution, and promotion of new businesses in emerging markets Global Consumer ? Developing food business in the UK and other business Division European markets “Alfamart” operated by Alfa Group, one of Indonesia’s leading retailers. ? Sale of food, clothing, furniture and interior furnishings, daily goods and others ? Development and distribution of various consumer sales materials and services retail Division ? Marketing business, point-based loyalty programs and payment settlement-related service businesses Convenience store Lawson is venturing into new and original outlets, to meet the demands of customers and communities. ? Engages in the processing, supply and distribution of a variety products and services that include processed foods, frozen and chilled foods, confectionery, liquor, pet foods, paper products, packaging materials, raw materials for paper, Living Essential tires, apparel, footwear, and households goods. products Division ? Engages in various healthcare related businesses such as outsourcing services for hospitals, import and sale of medical equipment, and nursing care equipment rental. Dedicated delivery center for LIFE CORPORATION, the largest food supermarket chain in Japan, to which Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. provides services. ? Developing a business platform to provide stable supplies to customers in Japan and overseas by handling a range of materials including grains, rice, fresh produce, oils and fats, marine Living Essential products, sweeteners and starches, feed, meats, resources Division beverages ingredients, dairy products, housing and construction materials, and carrying out operations extending from production and procurement to manufacturing and processing Salmon Sea Farming Site of Cermaq Norway 24MC subsidiary, Princes Limited, a UK-based food and drink manufacturer and distributor, is expanding business in the European market. The company is wholly owned by MC. LiViNG ESSENTiaLS GrOup ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 4 Divisions (20 Departments, 1 Office) Living Essentials Group CEO Office, Living Essentials Group Administration Department ¦ Global Consumer Business Division Indonesia Department, China & ASEAN Department, New Markets Development Department ¦ Retail Division Food Retail Department, Apparel and Consumer Products Department, Product Development Department, Retail Support Department ¦ Living Essential Products Division Processed Foods Department, Paper & Packaging Department, Apparel Department, S.P.A. Manufacturing Department, Tire & Consumer Goods Department, Healthcare Department ¦ Living Essential Resources Division Agricultural Produce and Oils & Fats Department, Grain & Oilseeds Department, Marine Products Department, Sweetener & Starch Products Department, Feed & Meat Products Department, Beverage and Dairy Products Department, Housing & Construction Materials Department, Salmon Farming Business Office 25m CSr & ENVirONENT aL aFFairS C considers addressing sustainability challenges to be one directives stipulated in our Corporate Standards of Conduct, of our most important management issues. We are therefore Environmental Charter, and Social Charter. actively engaged in promoting a range of initiatives towards Global sustainability issues have evolved significantly realizing a sustainable society through every aspect of our over the years and continue to change today. MC aims to business. create “Sustainable Corporate Value” through our business based on our guiding philosophy, the Three Corporate activities, which span numerous industrial sectors. To this end, Principles, we have set out our expectations for how our we endeavor to address key sustainability issues both in business should be conducted. These encompass aspects such Japan and around the world, based on the expectations and as our commitments to respect human rights and to protect the demands of our stakeholders. environment. All of our company’s activities are based on the Soccer clinic for the Japan Cerebral Palsy Football 7-a-side Association’s Under-19 squad MC established our “DREAM AS ONE.” Project in 2014 in order to expand our existing efforts to support para-sports. Through initiatives such as sponsoring sports lessons and hosting sporting events and educational programs, the project aims to widen the field of para-sports while also raising awareness and promoting greater understanding of these activities. MC provides regular courses aimed at training para-sports volunteers and actively encourages employees Mitsubishi Corporation is an official partner to take part in volunteer activities that support para-sports. of the Japanese Para-Sports Association. 26 mContributing to a Sustainable Society through our business With MC’s Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group playing a central role, the company is engaged in a number of businesses aimed at realizing a low- carbon society and addressing other environmental issues such as water scarcity. Our projects cover numerous fields including new energy, environmental and water businesses, as well as smart community development. ESG Management Wind power generation business operated by US MC conducts thorough screenings of loans and investments, taking into account not only subsidiary Diamond Generating Corporation. economic factors, but environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as well. We are proactively working to reduce our CO2 emissions on a global, consolidated basis. In addition, MC shares the Mitsubishi Corporation Policy for Sustainable Supply Chain Management with our suppliers. We also conduct supplier surveys and site visits as part of our supply chain management efforts. In conducting our business, we see engagement with local communities and efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts as invaluable. The CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee In March 2008, MC established our CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee, which is composed of outside experts. The opinions and advice provided by the Committee are incorporated into our sustainability initiatives and stakeholder communications. The CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee MC’s Philanthropic Activities MC first set up a department to coordinate the company’s philanthropic activities in 1973. Since then, our employees worldwide have participated actively in long-running programs that contribute to the communities in which we operate. The five priority areas of our corporate philanthropy are the global environment, public welfare, education, culture and the arts, and international exchange & contributions. Friendship Camp for Mothers and Children Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Tropical Forest Experimental Regeneration Americas / Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation project This camp for single mothers and their children provides for Europe and Africa the opportunity for participants to experience the great MC began the first experimental project in Malaysia outdoors. Held since 1974, the camp is run by MC Group Through the Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the in 1990 with the aim of regenerating tropical forest staff members who volunteer as camp counselors. Americas (MCFA) and the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund ecosystems at an accelerated rate. Since then, the project for Europe and Africa (MCFEA), MC supports a variety has expanded to locations in Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia. of initiatives that are working to protect the natural environment and alleviate poverty. Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Efforts Over the 4-year period since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami struck in 2011, MC provided a total of 10 billion yen in recovery support for the affected areas. From 2015, the company committed to an additional 3.5 billion yen in support over the next 5 years. Through the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation, MC will continue providing emergency scholarships for affected university students, extending recovery support grants to NPOs and other organizations taking part in restoration efforts, and taking steps to revitalize industry and create jobs. In addition, we will continue to dispatch MC Group employee volunteers to the region (as of June 2015, approx. 3,750 employees have taken part). MC has also started a number of new initiatives, including the Sixth Industry Fruit Farming Project Sixth Industry Fruit Farming Project in Fukushima Prefecture, that allow us to apply our expertise in promoting further development in the Tohoku Region. Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Website: http://mitsubishicorp-foundation.org/en 27mm COrpOra TE GOVEr NaNCE aND iNTEr NaL CONTrOL SYSTE MC’s corporate philosophy is enshrined in the Three Governance & Compensation Committee and the International Corporate principles - Corporate responsibility to Society, Advisory Committee). MC’s efforts to reform and improve our integrity and Fairness, and Global understanding Through internal control system are ongoing in order to ensure that Business. Guided by this philosophy, MC is improving and business activities are conducted properly and in conformity strengthening corporate governance in various ways. Actions with the law and our Articles of Incorporation. The internal include appointing independent Directors and independent control system covers: efficient business execution; compliance; Corporate Auditors (five Outside Directors and three Outside risk management; financial reporting; management and Corporate Auditors), introducing the Executive Officer System, storage of information; ensuring proper conduct in consolidated and setting up advisory committees to the Board of Directors group management; internal auditing and monitoring; and whose members are mostly from outside the company (the Corporate Auditors. General Meeting of Shareholders Appointment/ Appointment/Dismissal Appointment/Dismissal Dismissal Determination of Remuneration Parameters Determination of Remuneration Parameters Request Audit/Report Report Corporate Auditors Board of Directors Independent Auditors (Board of Corporate Auditors) Advice Appointment and Proposal for discussion of Governance & Compensation Committee Supervision of important managerial matters, and Audit Accounting Audit Executive Officers report on execution of operations International Advisory Committee Cooperation among Corporate Auditors/Internal Audit Dept./ [Executive Structure] Independent Auditors President and CEO Internal Audit Dept. Executive Committee Establish and inform about internal control Main Internal Control-Related Committees related systems Disclosure Committee and strategies Corporate Staff Section Compliance Committee CSR & Environmental Affairs Committee Investment Advisory Committee National Security Trade Management Committee, etc. Executive Organization (Business Groups, etc.) Governance & Compensation Committee Member Composition (Year Ending arch 2016) Outside members (6): ? Kunio ito (Outside Member) Ryozo Kato (Outside Director) hidehiro Konno (Outside Director) Sakie T. Fukushima (Outside Director) Akihiko Nishiyama (Outside Director) Tadashi Kunihiro (Outside Corporate auditor) In-house members (3): ? (Chairman of the Board) Yorihiko Kojima* (president and CEO) Ken Kobayashi (Senior Corporate auditor) Hideyuki Nabeshima *Committee Chairperson International Advisory Committee (Year Ending arch 2016) Member Composition In-house members (4): ? Outside members (9): ? Yorihiko Kojima* (Chairman of the Board) Dr. Herminio Blanco Mendoza (Former Secretary of Trade & Industry (Mexico)) (president and CEO) Ken Kobayashi Professor Joseph S Nye (Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor and Sultan of Oman Professor (U.S.A.)) Minoru Makihara (Senior Corporate advisor) Mr. Ratan N Tata (Chairman, Tata Trusts (India)) Mikio Sasaki (Former Chairman, Senior Advisor to the Board) *Committee Chairperson (Chairman of Kerry Logistics Network (Singapore)) Mr. George Yeo Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala ? (Chairman and CEO, Ayala Corporation (the Philippines)) (Chairman, KKR Asia Ltd. (U.K.)) Sir John bond Mr. Niall FitzGerald (Former CEO & Chairman, Unilever (Ireland)) Ryozo Kato (Outside Director) (Outside Director) hidehiro Konno 28 mCOmpLiaNCE C has established various internal regulations based on the times. These protocols have since been introduced at MC’s Three Corporate Principles, MC’s guiding philosophy. These subsidiaries and affiliates. Additional steps that have been include the Corporate Standards of Conduct and Code of taken throughout the MC Group include holding Compliance Conduct. When engaging in business, officers and employees Discussions to encourage personnel to discuss compliance are obligated to make compliance their top priority. MC also issues in each work place by using case studies (i.e. possible introduced the post of Compliance Officer and appointed violations in view of the office’s operations) and seminars, one to each business Group and geographical region (Japan and distributing Compliance Case Study Q&A Booklets to and overseas). These officers are responsible for ensuring employees. These measures will ensure ongoing learning and compliance in daily business operations. development, not only by employees and officers at MC, but As of the fiscal year ended March 2010, all company by those at MC’s subsidiaries and affiliates as well. officers and employees have been required to take e-learning MC’s actions are all based on this spirit of compliance; it courses, which include case studies on the Code of Conduct. remains an essential factor in raising consolidated corporate Following these courses, they must sign an agreement stating value and we remain committed to continuously upgrading that they understand and will adhere to the rules at all and reinforcing our compliance initiatives. Mitsubishi Corporation President and CEO Appointment Compliance Committee Report Group CEO, Regional CEO Chief Compliance Officer Chairperson: Chief Compliance Officer Report Administration Office: Legal Dept. Compliance Administration Office Appointment Directive Report Compliance Officer Internal Whistleblower System Group Compliance Officer Compliance Mail Box and Hotline Domestic Branch Compliance Officer Internal Audit Dept. Compliance Mail Box and Hotline Overseas Regional Compliance Officer Outside Legal Counsel Compliance Mail Box and Hotline Directive Report and Consultation Report and Consultation Organization Heads (BU, Division, Department, Branch, etc.) Directive Report and Consultation Employees Report and Consultation Internal Whistleblower System Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies Report and Consultation MC Group Outside Legal Counsel Immediate Manager Compliance Officer Compliance Mail Box and Hotline Directive Report and Consultation Report and Consultation Report and Consultation Employees (Target: Registered MC Domestic Subsidiaries) 29 mmmmmm COrpOra TE DaTa (aS OF marCh 31, 2015) COmpaNY NamE itsubishi Corporation DaTE ESTabLiShED July 1, 1954 (Date registered: april 1, 1950) CapiTaL ¥204,446,667,326 SharES OF COON STOCK iSSuED 1,624,036,751 Mitsubishi Corporation Website LiSTED ON ThE FOLLOWiNG STOCK For more details about Mitsubishi Corporation’s business, CSR EXChaNGES and environmental activities, investor relations and career inf Toky ormation, please visit our w o, Nagoya, London ebsite. http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/global hEaD OFFiCE itsubishi Shoji building 3-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8086, Japan* *Registered Office of our company Marunouchi Park Building 6-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, MC Library Tokyo, 100-8086, Japan This page contains additional resources, including our corpo- rate profile video, an outline of our history, an overview of our NumbEr OF EmpLOYEES social contribution activities and examples of company ads. Parent company: 5,637 http:/ /www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/mclibrary Parent company and all of its consolidated subsidiaries: 71,994 NumbEr OF CONSOLiD aTED SubSiDiariES aND EQuiTY-EThOD aFFiLia TES 614 *Companies affiliated with MC subsidiaries are not included. 30Mitsubishi Corporation Website For more details about Mitsubishi Corporation’s business, CSR and environmental activities, investor relations and career information, please visit our website. http://www.mitsubishicorp.com/global MC Library This page contains additional resources, including our corpo- rate profile video, an outline of our history, an overview of our social contribution activities and examples of company ads. http:/ /www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/mclibrary
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